Our Services

Travel Tickets and Related Services

  • Domestic Flight Ticket: Starting from SAR 350
    • Access to a wide range of domestic flight options within Saudi Arabia
    • Expert assistance with ticket booking, seat selection, and itinerary coordination
  • International Flight Ticket: Starting from SAR 1,500
    • Seamless booking process for international flights to and from Saudi Arabia
    • Expert advice on flight options, connections, and travel regulations
  • Bus and Train Pass: Starting from SAR 200
    • Convenient transportation options for exploring Riyadh and its surrounding areas
    • Flexible travel pass valid for a specified duration
  • Additional Services:
    • Travel Insurance: Starting from SAR 1,000 per person
    • Visa Assistance: SAR 500 per application
    • Airport Transfers: Starting from SAR 100 per person

Riyadh City Tour Program

  • Riyadh City Tour: Starting from SAR 300 per person
    • Explore the capital city of Saudi Arabia, visiting iconic landmarks and cultural sites
    • Discover the rich history and modern charm of Riyadh with an expert guide
  • Local Guide Service: Starting from SAR 500 per group
    • Have a knowledgeable local guide accompany you during the city tour
    • Gain valuable insights, cultural context, and insider tips

Accommodation Arrangement

  • Standard Package: Starting from SAR 250 per person per night
    • Includes comfortable accommodation at a tourist hospitality facility
    • Basic amenities and services included
  • Deluxe Package: Starting from SAR 500 per person per night
    • Offers luxurious accommodation at high-end hotels or resorts
    • Enhanced amenities and services included
  • Premium Package: Starting from SAR 1,000 per person per night
    • Provides a truly exceptional stay at exclusive properties or boutique hotels
    • Personalized services and additional perks included

Food Program Arrangement

  • Half Board Package: Starting from SAR 70 per person
    • Includes breakfast and dinner featuring a delightful fusion of Arabian and Asian cuisines
    • Indulge in a diverse array of flavors and regional specialties, catering to your preferred cuisines
  • Full Board Package: Starting from SAR 100 per person
    • Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner showcasing an extensive range of Arabian and Asian culinary delights
    • Immerse yourself in a gastronomic journey, savoring the best of both worlds while enjoying your preferred cuisines
  • Gourmet Experience Package: Starting from SAR 200 per person
    • Embark on a gourmet adventure, relishing exquisite Arabian and Asian dishes at renowned restaurants
    • Customize your culinary experience based on your preferences, with a wide range of cuisines available

Please note that the prices mentioned above are indicative and subject to change based on factors such as travel dates, accommodation availability, and specific customization requests. Our dedicated travel experts will provide you with precise pricing details and assist you in tailoring your travel experience to meet your preferences and budget, including your preferred cuisines for the food program.